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Email's ROI in 2009 was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it. - DMA (2009)
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Nearly 30% of marketers duplicate their site navigation in their emails. Of those, 15% find it more effective than the main content in driving clicks, while 11% of marketers find their navigation converts better than the main content of their email. - eROI's The Elements of Email (2008)

78% of the companies surveyed included links recipients could use to view the message as a Web page, compared to 59% who did so in 2005. - Silverpop (2007)

6% of the companies surveyed used the postcard style (one big single-pane graphic). - Silverpop (2007)

30% of the companies surveyed used a letter or newsletter format to communicate with customers. - Silverpop (2007)

19% of the companies surveyed used a single-pane graphic across the top of the page with rows and columns below. - Silverpop (2007)

Most common screen resolution is 1024 X 768. - OneStat.com (April 2007)

64% of key decision makers are viewing your carefully crafted email on their BlackBerrys and other mobile devices, according to new data. - MarketingSherpa, in partnership with SurveySampling (2007)


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34% of marketers surveyed said that creative optimization had the most impact on your email campaigns in 2006. - Datran Media Research, "The 2007 Email Marketing Survey: Looking Forward" (2007)

63.7% of online merchants believe they are creating the right mix of graphics and content to attract customers. - Internet Retailer (2007)

64% of online merchants keep key points of content high up in the body of the message. - Internet Retailer (2007)

Fewer than 50 percent of marketers create emails that render appropriately.
- Email Experience Council, Jan 2007

One in five emails are invisible and ineffective due to blocked images.
- Email Experience Council, Jan 2007

26.6% of online customers use preview panes (instead of look at your whole email). - MarketingSherpa (2007)

64% of people who are offered preview panes start using them as their default. - MarketingSherpa (2007)

69% of at-work email users usually view emails in their preview panes. - MarketingSherpa (2007)

80% of at-work users in the US rely on Outlook, which offers preview panes. - MarketingSherpa (2007)

38% of online consumers now use preview pane 'capable' email clients. - MarketingSherpa (2007)

59% of online customers routinely block images. - MarketingSherpa (2007)

Of the largest online retailers that send welcome emails, 11% of them include product images or links to individual products in their welcome emails. - Email Experience Council/RetailEmail.Blogspot (Sept 2006)

Of the largest online retailers that send welcome emails, 31% of them include a store locator link. - Email Experience Council/RetailEmail.Blogspot (Sept 2006)

Of the largest online retailers that send welcome emails, 68% of them include a contact mailing address. - Email Experience Council/RetailEmail.Blogspot (Sept 2006)

12% of the largest online retailers ask subscribers to add the retailer's email address to their address book during their subscription process. - Email Experience Council/RetailEmail.Blogspot (July 2006)

Of the largest online retailers that send welcome emails, 49% of them ask the subscriber to add their email address to the subscriber's address book. - Email Experience Council/RetailEmail.Blogspot (Sept 2006)

21% of the emails reviewed appeared completely blank when images were turned off, or stripped inside a variety of email clients. - Email Experience Council survey of 1,000 B2B and B2C emails (2007)

28% showed relevant copy, but had no working links. - Email Experience Council survey of 1,000 B2B and B2C emails (2007)

Utilizing a professional company and/or their tools to test your image rendering across multiple email clients often helps to increase response up to as much as 87%. - Email Experience Council - Email Rendering Report (2007)

A typical landing page visitor spends only 5 seconds on the page. - Marketing Experiments

Newsletter-style layout for promotional emails generated average click rates of 7.1%, compared to average click rates of 6.2 percent for single-image "postcard-style" messages. - Silverpop (2006)

Inclusion of artwork and images does not have a major affect on response rates.
- Jupiter Research and Silverpop (2006)

Six to ten links within an email generate the highest number of clicks. - Silverpop (2006)

Most B2C companies include navigation bar on the top of the email but ones that include it in the left side of the email have better response rates. - Silverpop (2006)

38% of B2C companies include lifestyle photography/images in their emails. - Silverpop (2006)

Click through rates were higher for B2C email campaigns that featured lifestyle images that those without. - Silverpop (2006)

60 percent of people who read an email only see or read 50 percent of the message. - Jeanniey Mullen ClickZ (2006)

54 percent of respondents saying they clicked on a link in an email because the product or service interested them. - Jupiter Research (2006)

40 percent do so when copy piqued their interest. - Jupiter Research (2006)

35 percent are influenced by the subject line. - Jupiter Research (2006)

12 percent of respondents say a single large image influenced their decision to click. - Jupiter Research (2006)

9 percent are influenced by several smaller images. - Jupiter Research (2006)