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Email Marketing Statistics and Metrics
Email's ROI in 2009 was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it. - DMA (2009)
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On average, subscribers receive 416 commercial messages a month. - EmailExpert "[Infographic] 10 Must Know Email Marketing Stats 2014" (2014)

Consumer reports say that 91% of consumers check their email once a day. - EmailExpert "[Infographic] 10 Must Know Email Marketing Stats 2014" (2014)

Sixty percent of marketers do not give customers the option to select the types of emails they want to receive, and only 30 percent of marketers let their customers decide how often they want to be emailed. - Experian "2013 Email Market Study" (2014)

After opt-out, 95% of brands stop sending within 10 days, up from 89% in 2008. - ReturnPath "The Email Subscriber Experience 2008-2013" (2013)

In their opt-out confirmations, 25% told unsubscribers how long it would be before they stopped receiving email, setting expectations and potentially softening the negative effect of post-unsubscribe messages. - ReturnPath "The Email Subscriber Experience 2008-2013" (2013)

Senders have largely abandoned the post-opt-out confirmation message that 25% sent to unsubscribers in 2008-only 7% sent one this time. Instead 25% now offer opt-down alternatives like different sending frequencies or message types through preference centers, whereas only 3% did this in 2008. - ReturnPath "The Email Subscriber Experience 2008-2013" (2013)

The read rate for those who message subscribers less than weekly had a 26% read rate; those that delivered more than once-a-week or weekly had a read rate of 20%. - ReturnPath "The Email Subscriber Experience 2008-2013" (2013)

"This-is-Spam" rates for brands sending more often than once-a-week were nearly 20% lower than for weekly senders. - ReturnPath "The Email Subscriber Experience 2008-2013" (2013)

On average, subscribers receive 416 commercial messages a month. - ReturnPath "The Inbox Is a Battlefield [Infographic]" (2013)

A slim majority (52%) report that they are receiving about the right amount of promotional email, while 43% say it is too much. Only 5% say it is not enough. - Acxiom "Email Marketing and Mobile Devices: A Survey of Consumer Habits and Perceptions" (2013)

23% of respondents report receiving just 1 to 2 promotional emails a month, and 33% report receiving 3 to 5 emails. 18% report receiving 6 to 10, 13% receive 11 to 20, and another 13% receive 21 or more. - Acxiom "Email Marketing and Mobile Devices: A Survey of Consumer Habits and Perceptions" (2013)

35.4% of consumers report frequency the primary reason for unsubscribing from a brand's email (up from 30.7% in 2012). - BlueHornet "2013 Consumer Views of Email Marketing" (2013)

14% of organizations never send more than one email a month to subscribers, while 33% have a maximum of at least six a month (up from just 15% in 2011). - DMA "National Client Email Report" (2013)

Most marketers (35%) contact an address on their list 2-3 times in one month. The next most popular frequency is 4-6 times according to 20% of respondents. - DMA "National Client Email Report" (2013)

Only 7% of marketers send 6-8 emails to an address on their list in one month. - DMA "National Client Email Report" (2013)

The majority of respondents (51%) had a contact strategy in place for the maximum amount of times each address is contacted, up 11% since 2011. - DMA "National Client Email Report" (2013)

75% reported they would resent a brand after being bombarded by emails. - Emailvision "Survey Reveals Bombarding Consumers with Marketing Results in Brand Resentment" (2013)

40% of those who do get brand emails get no more than three such emails a day on average and about 63% get no more than six. - DMA "Email tracking report" (2012)

69% of U.S. email users unsubscribe from a business or non-profit email because the organization sends too many emails. - Chadwick Martin Bailey "10 Facts about How and Why Consumers Like and Subscribe" (2012)

A BtoB survey found marketers approach the frequency of their email blasts in different ways. Almost half (48%) worry about alienating contacts with too much volume and send out non- e-newsletter emails once a month or even less often. By contrast, 19% email their contacts once a week, and 16% hit the send button once every two weeks. - BtoB "Email Marketing: A Legacy Channel Continues to Deliver" (2012)

39% of marketers have an official frequency cap in place. - BtoB "Email Marketing: A Legacy Channel Continues to Deliver" (2012)


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54% of people who unsubscribe from permission emails said the reason was emails coming too frequently. - ExactTarget "The Social Break-Up" (2011)

49% of people who unsubscribe from permission emails said the reason was content was repetitive or boring over time. - ExactTarget "The Social Break-Up" (2011)

247 billion emails were sent each day in 2009. That's an email every 0.00000035 seconds. - e-Dialog "Manifesto for E-mail Marketers: Consumers Demand Relevance" (2010)

59% of US and UK Internet Users said the reason for not regularly opening/reading email marketing messages is that they come too frequently.-e-Dialog "Manifesto for E-mail Marketers: Consumer Demand Relevance" (2010)

Friday is the most popular day of the week to send out promotional emails, with 42% of US Online Retailers sending at least one promotional email.- Smith-Harmon "Retail Email Unsubscribe Benchmark Study" (2010)

22% of US Internet users decided to stop purchasing from a company because of too many or irrelevant emails. -CMO Council and InfoPrint Solutions (2010)

41% of US Internet users threatened to stop buying from companies that send them irrelevant messages, -CMO Council and InfoPrint Solutions (2010)

2009 saw a 12% overall increase in promotional e-mail messages from top online retailers. - Smith-Harmon"Retail Email Year-End Trends for 2009" (2010).

Consumers aged 18-26 receive an average of 12.4 emails per day from companies, compared with 14.9 emails per day for those aged 27-38 and 15.9 for those aged 39-54. - IDG Connect and MarketingSherpa (2010)

89% of retailers cited email is the most mentioned successful tactic overall. - Merkle "View From The Inbox" (2009)

Monthly emails and content and frequency options positively impacted a company's reputation. - Habeas (2008)

40% of consumers say email comes too often - David Daniels, Vice President, JupiterResearch (Dec. 2007)

B2B subscribers are twice as likely to consider email "spam" if it comes "too frequently." - MarketingSherpa (2007)

More than one-quarter of the email that consumers received in their inboxes was marketing. - JupiterResearch (2007)

Wednesday was the best day of the week in the third quarter of 2007 to send email in terms of click (3.9%) and open rates (25.4%). - eROI (2007)

Average open rates on Tuesdays were 22.6% and clicks were 3.2%; open rates on Thursdays were 23.6% while click rates were 3.7%; open rates on Friday were 23.1% and clicks were 3.1%; and open rates on Sunday were 20.7% while clicks were 2.4%. - eROI (2007)

Most marketers send email to their customers once a week. - Shop.org, State of Retailing Online 2007 report (Sept. 2007)

The average marketer sends 64 messages to their customers a year. - Shop.org, State of Retailing Online 2007 report (Sept. 2007)

The average marketer sends out 5.2 million email messages, including newsletters and one-off campaigns, or an increase of about 24% from the 2005 level of 4.2 million pieces. - JupiterResearch "E-mail Spending and Governance 2007" (2007)

When asked why recipients stopped subscribing to opt-in emails, more than one-half said the content was no longer relevant, and 40% said they were getting too many offers. - JupiterResearch (2007)

45% of small businesses execs want to receive the (email) newsletter weekly, 34% said monthly. - Bredin Business Information (2007)

60% of online retailers conduct between one and three campaigns each month;
32.8% coordinate four to 15 campaigns each month;
7.2% conduct more than 15. - Internet Retailer (2007)

37.4% say they receive more email than they expected when they signed up. - Return Path (2007)

28% say they got the amount of email they expected at sign-up. - Return Path (2007)

During the holiday season (the five-week period of Nov. 18 to Dec. 22), the largest online retailers increased their email volume by 47% on average, upping their send rate to 2.2 emails per week from 1.5 emails per week, as compared to the 15 weeks prior (Aug. 5 to Nov. 17). - Email Experience Council/RetailEmail.Blogspot (2007)