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Email's ROI in 2009 was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it. - DMA (2009)
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From Lines / Addresses

43% of people that receive email will report messages as spam based solely on the 'from' line. -inwise "The Magic Words: The Importance of the Subject and 'From' Lines for Email Marketing" (2012)

64% of small businesses execs said they decide whether or not to open the (email) newsletter based on who it's from. - Bredin Business Information (2007)

79.1% of online merchants feature the company name prominently in the "from" line of the message. - Internet Retailer (2007)

55.9% of respondents cited knowing and trusting the sender as the primary reason for opening an email. - Return Path (2007)

73% make the decision to click on the "report spam" or "junk" button using the from line. - Email Sender and Provider Coalition, 2007

51.2% cited previously opening an email from the sender and finding it valuable as the top reason for opening a message, making the marketer's previous behavior the No.2 consideration. - Return Path (2007)